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state it is not easy. it changes the tactical thinking. [applause] say q for having me out here
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tonight. i spoke in one of their place in manhattan today. first time i have given a talk with power point*. they showed me how to push the buttons. this is my seventh book it started with an idea. this book was 2008 during the beijing olympics and the presidential race talk about if united states was the most competitive culture. i quickly discovered it was
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really about a story of celebrity as richard byrd like to call it. i've found raking this book ee fascinating when i started to research this book know you can escape but i really wanted to write about the losers what was known great atlantic derby but they have forgotten the others. 16 aviators into the race
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and six of them died. they were seeking $25,000 prize for the first aviator to fly across the atlantic nonstop to paris. he first offered the prius 1919. he got all excited and romantically excited about the airplane. technology was not really available until 1926/27. what is more interesting is after the official race
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ended june through december less experienced pilots tried to duplicate his feet they crashed or lourdes did not get off the ground or they died. then then many of them women. many more died trying to cross other large bodies of water. but many tried to prove women lourdes just as capable as men. it made sense to me this would have been how it did.
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fed technology says 33 hour flight came about with the cooled engines. if you go with crop dusters you see these around. they're very powerful. also a a prevalent belief the airplane makes the airplane a better place that if the utopia would devolve. continents would be more quickly linked their b.v. era of peace. also the belief manhood
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devolve in 3,000 years and man lives in the atmosphere and disease would disappear and become more spiritual new breed of homosapien evolves. more than that to i saw the growth of america celebrity culture and really started to take place during this race. technology made this possible. you have the establishment of the nbc and cbs and an explosion of the print
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industry and then you have the talk the movies. one reason lindbergh was soboba of he was the most filmed individual at that time. 7.4 million feet of film was used on in lynchburg 2 million more than the prince of wales. people were fascinated the jt's of celebrity was taking shape in our minds. i agree gossip columnist understood instinctively fame had become the heart of
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the evade daily conversation. somehow it was therapeutic although not necessarily the subjects. nobody knew the grammar then in the mid 1920's it clarified the rules for the writer and of the broadcaster. we can see the pattern today. the first event 1925. lloyd collins went into a shaft and got stuck in kentucky. the next two weeks
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newspapers covered the attempts to save him. many wire agencies were flashed the rescue temps oliver the united states. there were movies during intermissions the management and would give updates. journalist realize they grabbed the reader's interest and hold it to over a long time. a story of life and death. physically people were interested because during the two weeks at first there
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were hundreds of people lining to cross the road and then thousands and 10,000 near the end there was 50,000. they knew something was going on. later they'll understood they sustain detail by creating a cast of characters that the readers seemed to know they were stereotypical. every time we wrote about the characters we reminded people of the basic tale. the characters in the floyd collins story, he thought his faith could get him out.
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then he believed his faith would take him to have been. one reporter could go down the shaft to interview, bring him water, food, he was a reporter from the lebeau newspaper he was called skeets because he was small like a skeeter. he would go down every day. there was the father he is a hard-drinking mountain near. if the mother is the hard
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working mountain woman her back was bent from years behind the plow. his boyfriend who waited for him at the entrance along with his loyal dog. his dog did not wait everyday and and she was not his girlfriend. there is a little bit of editing. then lindbergh's flight and over the land tick 1927. hopes -- atlantic 1927. they were participants of the greatest hero worship anybody could remember and
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it took everybody by surprise. the story line was simple with the race. winners and losers. of body count it transformed into something more personal and was life-and-death journalist and learned and remember the lessons of collins and framed the rivals as people we knew. they were given labels. when deberg was used personified. the dark course. the outsider. richard burr. scientist and explore guided by pierre reason. knoll davis. a mormon from utah within the range with books in the saddlebags.
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he was almost as ominous to as the sheriff who had a strong moral purpose he would bring the flight to records. and the bad boy of the air air, he was the sheep the reckless ladies' man born astronomers were like rock stars today and left a lot of children behind. and charles -- him and his co-pilot -- co-pilot were the only frenchman to come across. he was very romantic and had
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flown in a couple of hollywood movies one of which would not be believes to until after his death. it is easy to understand as they were presented. . .
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